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Tenant Fees


At Property Cafe we believe in being open and honest about the fees we charge tenants. It means you can see exactly what you'll need to pay, without any surprises!

Below is what our fees cover above the rent and deposit for the property.


£200 for the main tenant and £100 per each additional tenant.

This covers things like:

1) Viewing stage - taking you to as many houses as you want to see as many times as you want to see them.

2) Negotiation stage - once you have found a house you love, we will take the time to liaise with the Landlord to try to get you any items on your wish-list or rent reductions put into the contract.

3) Paperwork stage - This covers things like printing off all paperwork , obtaining relevant information (like your guarantor information, setting up standing orders and gaining information for credit checks), processing andcreating your tenancy contracts.

4) Signing stage - once all paperwork has been given out you will need to come back within 10 days to sign the contract and pay your deposits. We will talk you through the contract and explain where you need to sign.


This is included in your set up fee.


We don't charge you a moving in fee!



We charge a fee to renew your tenancy at the end of the contract period, so if you sign a 6 month tenancy and then wish to extend this for another 6 months, you will need to pay a fee to cover the administration. This is important as it may be more financially viable to simply sign a 12 month contract.


We don't charge you a fee to move out.